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A commercial roof is a major investment that needs to be protected. The last thing any business owner wants is a loss of productivity due to roofing problems. Luckily, at Delta Built Services, Inc., we specialize in all things commercial roofing, including maintenance. Backed by nearly 50 years of experience, we have encountered every kind of roofing issue imaginable, and have the resources and technology necessary to provide expert inspections, repairs, and installations. We are here to take care of your roof so you can focus on running your business.

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Why Is Commercial Roofing Maintenance Important?

Your roof not only protects the interior of your business but also provides structural support to the entire building. In order to maximize the performance of your roof and extend its lifespan, maintenance is crucial. Our San Fernando Valley commercial roof maintenance experts highly recommend scheduling semi-annual appointments in order to get the most out of your roof and protect your business.

Regular maintenance includes:

  • Full inspection and assessment of the roof
  • Basic upkeep
  • Removal of any debris
  • The completion of any necessary repairs
  • The addition of reflective coatings, when needed

Performing maintenance helps roofers discover any problem areas early on. This allows us to make minor repairs and prevent major roofing disasters down the line. A clear example of the benefits of maintenance is when it comes to dry rot. Dry rot can form from roof leaks and, when left unchecked, it can open up your roof to mold issues. Avoid the pain of mold removal through regular roof attention. Maintenance saves you time, money, and stress, so you can concentrate on what’s important: your business.

If you've recently invested in a new roof, maintenance isn't optional either. Annual roof maintenance is required to keep any warranty enforced by most roofing manufacturers. This warranty will ensure that if leaks happen, you're covered, instead of frustrated.

Effective San Fernando Valley Commercial Roof Repairs Available

Upon performing a thorough inspection, your roofer determines whether or not there are any repairs that need to be made. Over time, your roof will begin to show signs of wear, and roofing maintenance can help to combat the signs of aging and ensure your roof is performing at maximum efficiency. Common roof repairs include covering gaps and cracks, taking care of loose flashing, sealing broken membranes, and more. By handling minor repairs such as these, your San Fernando Valley commercial roof repair team can prevent major leaks and other roofing problems.

The Delta Built Services, Inc. Difference

Delta Built Services, Inc. is a fully-licensed commercial roofing company serving the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, Orange County, and beyond. With multiple state licensed approvals, we put together ALL the trades that can affect your project into one integrated finished package that is headache free, so no matter the maintenance needed, Delta Built Services, Inc. can handle it.

To schedule San Fernando Valley commercial roof maintenance and repairs, please call (818) 862-7338.

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